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The Chinese American Museum welcomes the Year of the Metal Ox with an online exhibition featuring fourteen (14) Asian American artists throughout the nation.

Each artwork honors the metal ox, an animal symbolically known for strength and resilience. As we transition into a new year, the artists chose a playful, at times whimsical, but strong approach to the ox. Their expressions, contrasting the darkness with light, provide hope of new beginnings.

  • Annie Wong
  • Crys Yin
  • Decue Wu
  • Dianna Xu
  • Janice Chang
  • Kevin Chan
  • Kris Mukai
  • Maggie Chiang
  • Mark Wang
  • Michael C. Hsiung
  • Nellie Le
  • Rose Wong
  • Sean Chao
  • Taili Wu

Guest Curator: Albert Chau (Grumpy Bert)

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